Twitter has Formally confirmed that it Is exploring the Notion of a paid subscription Version, Noting the organization has”a very higher bar for if we’d ask Consumers to cover facets of Twitter.”

Monetization alternatives for the website, but he Dedicated to inquiring whether users are worried that it might hurt the status of Twitter or trick discussions in favor of users.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey goes to confirm Roth’s thread reveals several attributes that Twitter appears concerned about if users might respond poorly to some paid grade, which would wall off several characteristics, using a Part of the poll Via a job posting for a brand new team in the firm referred to as Gryphon.

Users that were surveyed are requested to pick the least and most significant of the ideas that were proposed.

That was stated to be”constructing a subscription platform” to the business. And today, the firm has begun to study users about possible characteristics that may be added as a member of a potential paid support, through author Andrew Roth on Twitter.

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