There are many new features available for players in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield’s Crown Tundra DLC expansion. One of these new features is the Galarian Star Tournament, which allows players to face the various important trainers from their travels once more.

This new feature isn’t available right off the bat in Pokemon Sword and Shield,¬†however. Players will need to unlock it after completing¬†the main story of the Crown Tundra storyline as well as a few other tasks.

Players wanting to experience as much as possible from the Crown Tundra are highly recommended to pursue the Galarian Star Tournament. This is due to trainers from the main game and both DLC expansions being able to be fought and even teamed up with.

As mentioned previously, players will need to complete the Crown Tundra’s main story before unlocking the Galarian Star Tournament. However, players will also need to complete all of the Legendary Clues as well as track down all of the footprints.

After these objectives are done, players will need to talk to Peonia inside the Dynamax Adventure Max Lair. She will then give players clues about finding specific Pokemon on Dynamax Adventures. Players can then talk to the scientist also inside the Dynamax Adventure Max Lair and attempt to catch those specific Pokemon.

Once all of these Pokemon are caught, Peonia will no longer provide the player with clues. This is a sign that players can leave. After leaving, players should get a call from Leon asking the player to meet him at the stadium. Once players get to the stadium, the Galarian Star Tournament will be unlocked.

When participating in the Galarian Star Tournament, they will team up with a partner while participating in double battles against two other trainers. Players should note that when participating in these battles that they can only control the moves of their own Pokemon and not their partners. The possible partners that players can choose are:

  • Hop
  • Milo
  • Nessa
  • Bea
  • Gordy
  • Leon
  • Raihan
  • Marnie
  • Opal
  • Mustard
  • Klara
  • Bede

Additionally, there are a variety of rewards that players can earn from participating in the Galarian Star Tournament. This includes a new cosmetic item, money, and rewards from Ball Guy. Players can continue to make money and get rewards from Ball Guy as many times as they participate in the tournament. Players can additionally get new dialogue from their favorite characters in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

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