Let’s say you want to create a new Gmail account for your blog or your business, or you want a personal email address, but if you don’t really want to associate your Mobile Number with the account, then Google might not allow it sometimes. They will prompt you to enter the mobile number and verify that.

Sometimes, even if you enter a phone number, you won’t be able to verify if you used the same phone number on various Gmail or Google accounts. They won’t allow you to proceed further.

If you are so eager to create one quickly, then this is the shortest way to create a Gmail account without phone number verification.

Hopefully, you have the Gmail app installed on your phone, Android or iOS.

1. In this section, you’ll find an option called “Add account.” Click on that.

2. Here, select the “Google” option.

3. At the bottom-left, you’ll find the “Create account” option for this.

4 That’s all. Now you can create your account without your mobile phone number verification.

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